I lavori di Hilary Pollock
scelti dal pubblico di
Slow Art

The artworks of the australian painter Hilary Pollock exhibited at the Artsist Presentation Sapce of ARTROM Gallery have been warlmy appreciated by the public. During the Slow Art Evenings organized by the Gallery 3 of her 5 artworks exhibit had been spontaneously chosen by the participants for the 5 minutes of awere observation.

Mercoledì 26 Maggio 2010 

China Series - BIKE LADY - 2009, gouache with collage, 300  

The artpice had been chousen by two participants: an architect and a manager of musical magazines. The two men had presented the feelings that the pice gave them and had shown to the public the little dettails vieweble thanks to the slow and aware observation.

Mercoledì 9 Giugno 2010 

China Series - CARD PLAYERS - 2009, gouache with collage, 300

This artwork had been chousen by a manager advertaiser. After the five minute of awere observation she shared with the rest of the group her feelings about the pice. The conversation after her presentation had been mainly about the composition of the image, and the feeling of a China living between past and present.


China Series - FAN 2009, gouache with collage, 300 

This pice had been chousen for the five minutes of awere observation by a guy working with cartoons. In his presentation of the experience he talks about the importance of art and the million ways of looking at a pice. The conversation went on for more than half an hour deepling involving the rest of the group.